Let’s look at the reasons for breast augmentation first, then we can look at the issue of what is too big.


Common Reasons For Breast Surgery

Regain Pre-pregnancy Shape

Most women who get breast implants are in the 30-39 age group, this is important because they are also the ones who have had children who are now old enough to not need their mother’s constant attention. With this in mind, the women now want to start getting back to being a woman, as well as a mother. As most women will lose breast volume after pregnancy, the desire to restore their original shape and size will be in the reasoning. In the USA they are called mommy make-overs and go hand in hand with tummy tucks and liposuction.


Surgery For Self Confidence

Another reason for a boob job is self-confidence, some women are just unhappy with the way they look and want to feel better about themselves. Modern medical techniques allow us, mere humans, to pretty much craft our bodies to the way we want them to look. If having augmentation makes a woman feel good then it’s a positive step.


Breast Augmentation Following Surgery

There are of course medical reasons for breast augmentation, cancer treatment may have taken away one or both breasts by necessity, it’s painful enough to deal with the illness itself without having to feel like you have lost yourself in the process. Getting breast implants can help regain dignity and self-confidence for any woman who has been through the ordeal of breast removal.


The Body Conscious Woman

The body conscious woman covers a lot of the cases of women who want to undergo a breast enlargement, getting clothes to fit better, perhaps a model or actress who wishes to achieve a certain look, women whose bodies developed differently, all want to get a certain look for their own personal reasons.


Breast Reduction Surgery

The other side of the enlargement is the breast reduction.
There are women who naturally have breasts that are too large for their frame and this can cause medical problems and lifestyle complications. These include:

  • Pain – Neck or back pain, bad posture or numbness.
  • Attention – Having large breasts can bring a lot of unwanted attention your way.
  • Sleeping – The constant struggle of trying to find a comfortable position for sleep.
  • Clothing – Finding clothes that fit your body when you have large breasts isn’t easy at all.
  • Lifestyle and Exercise – Breath easier, exercise and enjoy an active lifestyle without pain or inconvenience.

Remember, breast augmentation surgery is not at all about men, it is about helping women feel good about themselves.


Deciding how big is too big

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Measuring Implants

Breast implants are not measured in cup sizes but in cubic centimetres, that’s the first thing to say. A surgeon will know that a 300 cc implant on a smaller framed woman, will look completely different on a larger frame. It would be practically impossible for anyone to suggest what cc an implant should be based on a patient’s desire for a certain bra size, Every woman is different and implant cc should only be advised after a proper medical examination from a competent professional.


Fashion and Breasts

There are of course specialist stores that cater for the larger lady, as there are for men, but, most fashion designers have the C cup in mind when they design for women. If your desired look will take you above this then you may find problems buying off the rack clothing. If you are a swimsuit model or alike then going above a full C won’t be a problem for sure, but for the fashion conscious women who likes to get her clothes from the local mall then it should be a consideration at least.


Sports And Implants

Lots of augmented runners, triathletes, keep fit mums, and even bodybuilders enjoy their sports without worrying about their implants getting in the way. If you live an active lifestyle then consider a size that allows you to keep on keeping fit.

Women have found that if they have overdone it with implant size their breasts can get in the way of their activities, as well as cause shoulder and neck pain. Greater weight of the implants can also lead to sagging in the breast, match your implant to your lifestyle rather than your imagination to avoid return trips for resizing.


The Answer

Keep Proportional To Look Great

To answer the question of what is too big, any breast augmentation that makes you look out of proportion, or broader in the chest, or heavier, or that makes it difficult to buy clothes, stops you from doing your chosen fitness regime, causes back pain, neck pain, or in fact any pain is probably too big. Use a breast implant sizing kit to get an idea of what size suits your lifestyle and listen to the views of your surgeon, agree on a size that you happy, gives you confidence, and achieves the look you are after.
As you try on the sizers, don’t just think about how you will look in a bathing suit or evening gown, think about your physical activities and the kind of clothes that you will wear every day.

Whatever the reasons for you to be considering breast augmentation are, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the team at Rees and De Chalain.

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