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 How to improve the health of your blood

It will come as no surprise that the healthier the blood is, the better the result of PRP will be. Having good blood is a matter of keeping it clean! Blood is purified primarily by your kidneys and liver, therefore ensuring they are functioning effectively is important.

Follow these 5 tips to get the most out of your upcoming appointment.

  1. Eat lots of leafy greens

There is no denying the immense benefit that comes with eating your greens! Green vegetables improve the quality of your blood as they are an alkalizing food that is a rich source of chlorophyll which helps to filter the blood. Aim for at least 3 servings of leafy greens a day such as kale, spinach or rocket.

  1. Load up on beetroot

Beetroot is a nutritional powerhouse with many great health benefits. Beetroot contains betaines which increase the liver’s production of detoxifying enzymes, directly increase the liver’s ability to cleanse the blood. Try to increase your beetroot intake in the lead up to your procedure.

  1. Take a good quality multi- nutrient product

Estimates from the New Zealand Ministry of Health ‘NZ Adult Nutrition Survey’ of 2008/2009 suggest that many New Zealanders are not getting the recommended amounts of many of the vitamins and minerals from their diets. A quality multi-nutrient helps to “fill in the gaps”. For example, it is estimated that 45% of New Zealanders don’t get enough selenium from their diet. Selenium can help build up your white blood cells amongst other things. An example of a good quality multi-nutrient is Nuzest Good Green Stuff.

  1. Get moving

The best way to build oxygen-rich blood is to exercise. Not only does exercise help your heart pump blood, it brings fresh oxygen. Aim to get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

  1. Avoid smoking & alcohol

This seems fairly obvious since smoking pollutes blood but if you haven’t quit yet, there’s no time like the present. Alcohol & tobacco also put a load on the liver, decreasing its ability to efficiently detoxify the blood.

Find more nutritional information or recipes from Emily through her website www.emilywhite.co.nz