Hair Reduction

Hair Reduction Auckland Plastic Surgical Centre

Hair Reduction Treatments

Hair Reduction is a successful alternative to waxing, tweezing or plucking.
IPL is well recognised as an effective treatment for permanent hair reduction on any part of
the body.
Depending on the size and colour of the hair (and the location), you may need on average of 4-
10 treatments.
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Small areas – Snail Trail. Areola (up to 10 pulses),30,mins,$,75.00
Lip or chin,30,mins,$,75.00
Face (quarter),30,mins,$,100.00
Face (half),30,mins,$,150.00
Arms (half),60,mins,$,200.00
Brazilian bikini,30,mins,$,200.00
Back (half),60,mins,$,250.00
Back (full),120,mins,$,350.00
Nape of neck,30,mins,$,150.00
If you would like to book a consultation, we can outline your options, and ensure that all the important details are explained and your questions and concerns fully answered.