Nova Finance

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Financing

At Auckland Plastic Surgical Centre, we want to make paying for your procedure as easy as possible. We understand that surgery can be costly, but that this expense should not stop your plans from becoming a reality. As we believe your wish to improve your appearance should not be impacted by financial obstacles. we have developed a relationship with a reputable financing company.

Nova Medical Finance Services

Medical finance is available across a range of specialities including; cosmetic/plastic surgery, they offer some of the lowest personal loan rates available. Nova is run by doctors and other medical professionals who work with some of New Zealand’s best specialists to help ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.

Applying for medical finance can be done easily through their on-line application form, and information about some of the procedures that you may want to finance can be found in the procedures section of their website.

During your consultation, we can discuss your payment options with you if you wish.

Nova Medical Finance With APSC